Travel Tips



Planning your trip can be stressful, but following some of the tips we have outlined below will make the experience far more rewarding, so you can enjoy your visit thoroughly and without worries.


All of our trips start in Lima, the vibrant capital of Perú. Book your flights to Jorge Chavez International Airport – LIM.

Depending on the type of trip booked, we may transfer to other destinations within Perú. Check your specific trip details for additional airport and travel recommendations.


Packing lists will be highly dependent on the specific trip, but we highly recommend doing some smart carry-on packing, especially if the tour includes some very specific activities, e.g. cycling/mountain biking. In those cases, we highly recommend you bring a complete cycling kit with you on board, so that if your luggage gets delayed for any reason, you won’t miss out on any planned activities. We also recommend at least one or two changes of clothing – just to be safe. While in Lima, you can purchase virtually anything at reasonable prices, should the need arise.


We highly recommend making an investment/taking the precaution of purchasing travel insurance. An unexpected cancellation can set you back a significant amount. Please visit Insure My Trip to view a comprehensive comparison of available insurance companies and offered options.


If for some reason you decide not to come on one of our trips, your deposits are fully refundable up to 90 days prior to the start of our trip. Cancellations after that time will be subject to a service fee. Please check your specific trip details for cancellation information. Our payment due dates are firm, as it helps us to ensure we can coordinate all of the local logistics effectively and at affordable costs. If we don’t receive your payments on time, we reserve the right to cancel your spot.