Llama close up

What Does the Llama Say?

The most common sound our friend the Llama makes to communicate is the “hum“. It is also the most unusual if compared to other species in the livestock family.

The Llama’s hum is very much like a cat’s purr, though a bit louder, and can convey all kinds of emotions. It also comes in varying tones and levels of urgency.

Below is a collection of “hummings” we thought worth sharing from our archive and past adventures.

Do you have a specific topic you’d like us to hum about? Shoot us a message and we’ll work on it.

Base Camp, SalkantayAriana Fernandez

Salkantay, Step by Step

Salkanty's relative proximity to Machu Picchu has made it a a popular alternative to the often crowded Inca Trail.
Llama in Machu PicchuMartin Fernandez

Dali the Llama

ParapenteMartin Fernandez


A map I have been working on for some time with popular points of interest in and around Miraflores.
Enjoying singletrack in Lima's PachacamacMartin Fernandez

Wish list

Some of the places I hope to visit in the coming years in Peru
Bike Case

Should I pack or Rent a Bike?

Every time I head down to Peru (or for that matter anywhere) I ask myself the same two questions: Should I pack it? or should I rent it?
Rainbow over Cuzco Airport

The Pilgrimage: A few more days mountain biking in Peru

Given the success of the first trip I organized to Perú I decided to do it again, albeit slightly differently...

Where it all Started

I wrote this nearly six years ago after a few friends and I visited Peru. Since then I have visited the Valley with at least two more groups and I'm getting ready to head out on yet another adventure with another group. This is where the idea for Anda Llama was born...