Below are some of the frequently asked questions I get from friends prior to, and during our trips to Peru.

Whenever we travel to Lima we don’t book too far in advance. We’ve found that if we wait until about a month to three weeks prior to our our rival we’ll generally find some of the best deals.

Depending where you are traveling from your fare may be higher or lower than what we see from the DC area. Generally, we’ve found fares ranging from $600 – $800. Like all airline fares, those prices generally increase during the holiday season. Fares in December and January are usually considerably more.

If you are bringing your bike along on one of our =adventures expect to add at least $150 more each way to that fare; and, if we are heading to Cusco, or another location within the country you’ll add at least $250 more round trip (eg. Lima – Cusco Lima).

Depending where you are coming from you’ll either arrive either very early in the morning, or late at night.

Our preference until recently has been to travel on the overnight and flight arrive in Lima early in the morning to enjoy the day; BUT, sometimes the trip is exhausting and we end up napping most of the time during that day.

Recently we’ve been opting to travel during the day, arriving between 10:00pm and midnight, getting a good night sleep and starting our trip fresh the next morning.

If you do arrive early in the am also make sure your hotel offers early check-in so that you can at least freshen up after a long night of travel.

No. We always drink bottled water.

Whenever you go to a restaurant and order water expect this question: Con gas o sin gas?

Con gas = sparkling water

Sin gas = just regular water