About Us

Ready for Adventure?

In 2010 I finally decided it was time to share the fun I was having on every trip to Peru with my friends and organized my first “shared” adventure to my homeland. I convinced 12 friends to join me along for the ride(s).

The trip was spectacular!

Once we returned home, word spread around and more friends began to ask me when I would head back down for another adventure. I did the next year and the next two years after that, albeit by myself. But on each trip I made new contacts and scoped out new locations for the next adventure and, in 2015, I ventured with another group down to Peru to revisit portions of the 2011 trip.

Since that return, I was once again asked “when will you go back?” And, while I have, it has, again, been on my own.

In 2019 I had intended to travel again to do the Salkantay Trek with my daughter, and once I mentioned it to a friend, the interest grew, and this coming August, I will lead 16 friends on the adventure of a lifetime.

Since I had double the interest I decided it was time to schedule an annual pilgrimage to Peru and invite more friends to join me on the adventure.

The 2019 trip we took to hike the Salkantay Pass and visit the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu marked the first trip I, and my wife Courtney, put together under the Anda Llama Banner. We hope to repeat these adventures each year and craft each Anda Llama tour to explore the places throughout Perú that have captivated my dreams since I was a child. Our next destination will be to take on the Ausangate Trek in May of 2020.

Will you join us? I hope so…

If you are interested, please contact us to be added to our distribution list to let you know about our upcoming adventures. We hope you can come with us and experience the places, people, food, and drink that have made Perú one of the most incredible destinations you’ll ever venture into.